About Us

Sleepnrelax was started in 1996 on a simple but solid foundation: focus on each customer’s individual needs first, not just selling mattresses. To do that, we committed to hiring top local employees with exceptional skills, giving them expert training, and selecting only those brands and products we could guarantee to meet or in most cases exceed our customers’ expectations. We’ve stayed true to this commitment and made constant improvements with innovation to deliver even more value.

In 2008 we developed and launched SleepFIT, encompassing an exclusive technology to fit customers to the right mattress for their body type, along with new products and perspectives that have transformed the traditional confusion mattress customers can have into confidence. Today we operate stores in four Western states: Washington, California, Nevada and Idaho. We’re told by customers that our talented Sleep Advisors and service personnel are the best in the business, which makes us proud.

About Us

SleepnRelax is an independent, family-owned business with a focus on maximising benefits for customers. We have grown our business with referrals and recommendations ONLY because we are committed to sell quality products. We always suggest products based on your needs and your budget and are always happy to sell – small or big orders does not matters. Of course more discounts for bulk orders as we save on time, logistics and cost of material.

Our Promise

At SleepnRelax, we offer durable products that deliver the value for the price you have spent. We promise complete satisfaction and peace of mind for the customers. We strongly believe that as our products have quality, making a promise for customer satisfaction is a no brainier. We focus on manufacturing products with finest material and with no defects, simply to have it right the first time.

Our Focus

At SleepnRelax, we care about customers needs and we have a lot of options in mattresses with specific features. We want the customer to get the right fit in terms of size, looks, firmness as well as design. SleepnRelax team wants to deliver a better sleep experience with a fair value to the customer.

Our Experience

SleepnRelax is managed by a seasoned team who has spent 15 core years in manufacturing mattresses. You ask what you need and we can give you the mattress with a sleep experience you expect. We strive for making the right mix of features in your mattress and also have ready options to choose from. All products are quality tested and made to deliver a better sleep experience..

Quality Mattresses at Reasonable Prices

SleepnRelax – mattresses to offer a durable product with no compromise on quality and a value for the price tag. Our prices are reasonable and cheaper than our competitors for the same product.  Other than price, we care about your needs as not everyone has similar requirements. A mattress is in itself a product that should help you feel relaxed when you lie on it. Nothing is as good as a good night of sleep and get charged for the next day of work. A mattress that may be comfortable for one person may not be equally relaxing for another. No stress – we can suggest you the mattress with the right feel, firmness and zoning if you tell us your expectations and sleep pattern.

Book a free trial session at our factory in Sunshine so that you are confident in your choice.

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